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Hair Talk Extensions - Ever wonder what it might be like to have thicker, fuller hair… or long locks? This is your opportunity to find out! No glue, no braids, no heat! When properly cared for, the service can last up to 7 months; this service requires a consultation in advance. Price does not include cost of the hair.

Modern Shag - Love volume? Love layers? This cut is for you! Enjoy a fresh, modern spin on a 90's classic!

Under Layered - Diminish volume and speed styling time with this clever cut. Part one way for more sass, part another for more class!

Top Notch - Calling all curly girls! This cut is done on your dry curly locks so a visually customized design can come to life, accentuating those natural curves!

Rag Top - Guys: this new hot trend has been seen everywhere from the red carpet to the streets of New York City! Stars like David Beckham and Leo DiCaprio rock this new look!

Specialty Color

Multi-Personality - Want dimension but tired of the 1000 foil marathon? Try this on for size! Two different colors are cleverly placed to create a believable, illuminating effect.

Dual Identity - 12 pm or 12 am? This innovative foil placement affords you versatility with a simple flip of the hair so you look occasion appropriate no matter what time of day it is!

Gemini - The battle lives on, who has more fun... Blondes or redheads? With this creative color placement you can be the judge! Simply part your hair on either side and experience what it feels like to be a whole new color.

Ombré - This trend has swept the nation, creating a natural sun-done, organic look. By definition, it is the transition of dark to light. The idea emerged when stylists were inspired to re-create a child's hair color. If you look closely, their ends are always lighter and the transition is always seamless! The following terms have been used to describe this look: soft, organic and romantic.

Curly Girl Color

Clouding - Imagine clouds in the sky, soft and unique. Wouldn't you agree that curly hair has the same characteristics? Because curly hair is so unique, we believe we should give it special attention when we color it as well. Consider this technique a form of Ombré for your curly locks!

"C" Definition - Curly hair always appears a little darker than straight hair due to the shadows that are created within the shape. Because curly hair requires more light, this technique allows us to customize a look for your hair accentuating the curves of your curls, giving a brightening and illuminating effect. Allow us to create the shapes and tones that are most appropriate for your face and skin!

Braids - Curls aren't structured, so why should the way we color them be? Utilizing different sized braids in customized areas of the head, we can create unique highlights that give an end result with beautiful surprises and bursts of color. This technique can whisper or it can shout!
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550 Kimberton Rd, Suite 13, Phoenixville, PA 19460